Friday, April 18, 2014

Doing things on Nepali time

Today we were headed up to a nearby church's mission conference. We were told our planning to leave at 10am. Right before we left our gardener showed up. Our landlords want us to keep the gate locked at all times and he does not have a key. So we friends that we would be a little late. We don't know enough Nepali to explain to him what is going on, so we just waited.

The gardener was just about done and we thought we could leave when the house sitter for the landlord showed up and said a plumber was coming to look at our toilet that was just recently installed. So without a definite time for him to come we just had to wait.

We have learned that here you kind of just have to go with the flow. Things will get done in there own time.---Nepali time I guess you should say.

 Once that was finished needed to get a taxi ride to go up to the meeting. We went up to the chowk (intersection) where the taxi's usually are only to find they are all gone. This is strange because usually there are 6-8 taxi's sitting there waiting.

We wound up having to take a tuk tuk up to another chowk in hopes of finding a taxi.

We don't know if the devil was trying to keep up from this meeting or what, but we decided we would make the best of our trip. Luke handed out tracts to those that we met and I prayed for everyone I could see as we were driving down the road.

One lady on the tuk tuk said she was a christian. That was neat to get to meet her.

We got up to the next chowk and tried to get a taxi. Usually when you are near a main road taxi drivers swarm around you begging you to take a ride with them. Today we stood for over 5 minutes before one came along. He wanted to charge us an exorbitant price so we were going to pass on the ride.

Next to me a young lady asked me in fairly good English where we were going. She then went over to the taxi driver and told him to take us for the price we wanted. Although, I can't understand everything yet, it sounded like she was scolding him. Either way, he took us for the right price.

We finally made it to the mission conference and had a great time with the church.

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