Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Are those flies?

This pasal (shop) is about a 3 minute walk from my house and where I buy most of my groceries. At first I only bought vegetables there. Then I realized they had rice, flour, sugar, cereal, soda, wai wai (our version of Raemen noodles), snacks, water, shampoo, toothpaste. Every time I go I look and find something else.

These people (husband and wife) are very nice too. They are always teaching me new things to say. They are patient with my slow Nepali speaking, and seem to love it when we come by. Instead of trying to buy everything in one trip, I almost go every day so I can practice more language learning.

They always give us a good price, so I don't even haggle here like I would do at other shops. Several times I have brought up a vegetable from down the road like a certain type of lettuce or asparagus or something and they will special order it for me and give me a great price on it. I'm excited about the day when I will be able to tell them about Jesus.

Across the street from the vegetable shop is this meat shop. Those black dots you see are flies.

I"m not positive because I didn't want to get any closer, but I'm pretty sure there were intestines in that white basket on the table next to the scale. Now my question is, if you could get past the disgusting mental part, and actually buy this meat, if you cooked this meat thoroughly or the chickens they also have would you kill all of the bacteria in it from being left out. My mind tells me "no" because of the health conditions, but the other part of me says, "Doesn't enough heat kill everything?"

This meat shop is where I shop. Can you see the difference?

They keep the meat in the freezer/refrigerator until you buy it and then take it out and cut it. Mentally, this place is better, but if enough heat does kill everything then the meats are the same.


  1. Well as long as you have a choice, I'd say don't chance it.

  2. You know my vote as well as well as my past experience!

  3. Ha! I am trying to type on my phone. Sorry for repeating myself there!

    1. Oh yes, I wasn't seriously thinking of trying it, but does make it more exciting if people think I am!!

  4. So exciting the more you can communicate with the people!