Thursday, May 8, 2014

Conclusion = Luke is hilarious!

So as you know we have been living here in Nepal for over 12 weeks!! We have been learning a lot of vocabulary. After we learn some new words we like to practice them on the national people to make sure we are saying them correctly. I am a little shy at this, but Luke is anything but! Here was our day...

We started out by the taxi stand and wanted to take a taxi. We found our friend "Kalam", which we met when we first arrived. You tell the taxi driver where you want to go and then he gives you a price. Luke was in a specially goofy mood today, so I'm not sure what he did with his face--some funny gesture, but the taxi man couldn't even keep a straight face when telling Luke he was going to charge us $5 for the ride to the Immigration office, which is an outrageous price. Luke just laughed at him and the men just waved for us to get in and we settled for $3.

On the way we practiced some of our Nepali words, I was at least trying to keep words in context. "What is your name?","What is this place name?", "How many languages do you speak?" Luke did too, but when we ran out of that....imagine sitting in silence enjoying the scenery and the person next to you breaks out in song! Yes, he was now singing in Nepali to practice of course! I was dying laughing--on the inside of course. Then he started reading some Nepali Bible verses to the man. I was getting a little nervous now, yes he needs to hear about Jesus, but I wasn't sure this was quite the right way to do it. Then the man started saying, "Oh, very good. You read well. Thank you." It was quite a fun ride.

On the way home we got another taxi ride. We had just left the Levine's who were on their bicycles and we were heading to the same place--basically racing, which biking and taking a taxi was about the same speed surprisingly!

We had just gotten into the taxi and Luke decided to practice his numbers this time. So Luke and our taxi driver started counting all the way up to 30. It was hilarious. The taxi driver kept laughing and helping Luke. It was great! A few minutes later we passed Justin and Sheryl on their bikes and Luke yelled out the window "Satiharu" which means friends. The taxi driver thought this was hilarious and kept laughing and laughing and saying, "Satiharu." It didn't help that we would pass them and then they would pass us and the taxi would start laughing all over again.

Then Luke decided to practice his colors and just started saying in Nepali, "pink, purple, green, yellow, black, white..." The taxi driver had had it and was in hysterics laughing and copying Luke. It was so funny!! With Luke, there is never a dull moment. He definitely helps me out of my little box and encourages me to talk more, and of course he helps with having fun too!

If you ever need cheering up, just give him a call!!


  1. Haha! Yes, I practiced on the taxi drivers, too! The only one that laughed was laughing for a different reason. He aughed and laughed and laughed. I didn't know how to ask, "Why are you laughing?" but he shared with me... "You are so fat!!!!!" Sigh... Ok, no tip for you, mister.

  2. Okay this is just great. :) Whenever I have a conversation with someone in Spanish, I am bound to have them laughing their heads off at me. Like the time I told them our cat had little roosters instead of kittens! Gallitos and gatitos is similar don't you think? Sounds like you all are doing fantastic learning the language! That is so exciting! God bless you all so much!

  3. Luke comes by it honestly: both his dad and his grandfather (Knickerbocker) knew how to keep folks in stitches. They were my respected elders, when I was growing up (I remember when Luke was born), which made it tricky trying not to laugh when I wasn't sure they were being funny. Most the time, though, if they couldn't help but laugh!

    May Luke's Life be as fulfilling, too.

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