Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's different about the bathroom?

This is our Master bathroom. This is the first time I've ever had a bathroom off of my bedroom, but I have to say I am hooked! It is great.

Here the showers are different. The shower section isn't closed off to the rest of the bathroom. There is a drain in the floor and the whole bathroom is tiled.

To dry the floor after your shower you use this. We take showers at night and surprisingly it dries quickly even if we don't use this squeegee.

This is a tankless water heater. The hose leads outside to the propane tank. When it is at least warm outside and the sun is shining we do not need to use this because of our solar panels. However, if the sun doesn't shine we don't get hot water without it.

Our shower curtain is not long enough to keep the water on one side of the room. However, my mom gave me a solution to fix that problem, I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. In the summer time it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, but when the weather turns cold the water on the floor makes it seem like you are walking on ice. So I will probably fix it by the time winter comes, then we will only have water on half the floor!

Thankfully we have a European style toilet. The little nob on the top has a string that goes to the bottom of the tank and you just lift it to flush the toilet.

Our other toilet has two buttons. The small button is for a short toilet, the large button is for a long toilet. In the states we refer to "toilets" as #1 or #2. Here it is either short or long. The small button lets in a little water, and the larger button lets in a lot of water. Pretty smart if you ask me. Helps save on water.
There are two official racks for toilet paper here. If you use this one your toilet paper will get soaked after the first shower.

If you use this one you will have to remember to grab some before you sit down.

That is why we keep keep the TP on the counter--easy reach.

The people here do not use TP. They use a hose to spray off. If we want to get a sprayer it would hook in right here.

When you go out and about and need to use a public restroom, a lot of times the TP rack is all the way over by the door about as far away from the toilet as you can get. I think this is to keep the TP dry and away from those who use a sprayer. I haven't figured out how to use a sprayer without getting soak and wet. It must be possible, I don't ever see anyone walking about with soak and wet clothes on.

In our second bathroom is where we keep our washing machine. There is a hose that comes out the back and goes down into a drain on the floor behind the washer.

Thank you for taking a tour of our bathrooms! If you have any ideas for another blog let me know. You can tell I'm at the bottom of idea well! Just kidding.


  1. Jamie, I always enjoy the glimpses you share about your everyday life in a different country. I love seeing the unusual and different ways others live. Keep up the good work!
    Hope y'all are all doing well.