Sunday, March 16, 2014

10 feet from a rabid dog

Yes, I know my titles are catchy and some what scary, but if I don't do it that way no one reads my blog. Haha. Yes, through Blogger, I can actually tell how many people read them. And the ones with great titles are the ones that are being read.

Of course I'm not "crying wolf" because I was near a rabid dog....but I'll get to that in a minute.

One of my biggest fears in life is letting God control all things. Whether it's here in Nepal or in Okeechobee, FL where my parents are located. I like to control things, fix things, and prevent things. As most people do. I know God is in control of all things, and most of the time we say that to comfort someone else. But when "something" goes wrong that's not necessarily the first thing we think of. At least I don't. So I'm constantly resurrendering (not quite the right word) this to the Lord. I battle with it a lot.

Walking down the road can be scary with all of the cars, people, and motorcycles that go way too fast down these narrow bumpy roads. Besides all of those things there are also dogs everywhere. We are constantly reminding the kids not to touch the dogs or let them lick you. Just in case they are carrying some sort of disease. Well last week we were walking down the road with our friends and we sat all 6 of the kids down on the sidewalk outside of the store while Sheryl went in to get something. When Sheryl was done we swapped places and I went in to grab a few things. When I came outside Luke, Sheryl, and all of the kids had moved around the corner and were further up the road. When I came out they pointed out a small dog about 10 feet from where the kids were sitting that was foaming at the mouth and looked sick. We are almost  positive it was rabid. But once again God has kept us safe even when I didn't realize what danger we were in. I am so thankful that even though I like to control things and prevent things and keep my kids safe, that God is really the one in control watching out for us.

This past week Abby (3 years) started having a lot of accidents even though she is potty trained. I chalked it up to Culture Shock and we just went with the flow. Until Wednesday when I realized she was going every 10 minutes. About 4 o' clock the burning started and I realized she had an UTI.  I started to panic. I can't go to the doctor. It's already late in the day and the doctor is almost an hour away. I tried calling several friends and couldn't get a hold of anyone at the time. Luke was gone and I was watching my 3 kids and 3 of our friends kids. I didn't know what to do and my mind was racing a mile a minute. Suddenly I realized what I was doing, or not doing, depending on how you look at it. I stopped everything and prayed. Resurrendering again that God is in control.

We had our Bible Study that night and the next morning called and got an appointment for that afternoon. Abby is doing great now. She has been on the antibiotics for 3.5 days now and we have seen much improvement.

When we were at the doctor's office they wanted to do get a culture from Abby to see what the infection was. I told the doctor we would try. The only bathroom they have at this particular place is a squatty potty. Then when they gave me the cup I almost couldn't stop laughing. The jar was about 2 inches tall, not bad, but it was super narrow. The opening was about a half an inch in diameter. These people are nuts I thought. Let's just say at least this bathroom has soap. It worked out fine and once again God used something in our circumstances that I can't control to teach me that he has always been and always will be in control of our situations.

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  1. I had one of those in a foreign country and it was scary for me. Let's just say I drink a ton of water while in foreign countries now so I can't imagine having to do that with a three year old.