Thursday, March 20, 2014

Caught in a Windstorm

Sheryl and I (thankfully we didn't have the kids with us today) were out visiting someone down the road from my house. About a 10 minute walk. While we were talking the husband of the lady we were visiting said it just thundered and that we should probably leave soon. We kept talking for a few minutes more, when he came back and said, "I don't want to be rude, but you should really go before you get all wet."

Sheryl and I left. As soon as we were outside I realized how windy it was. If we weren't on the side of a mountain I would have thought for sure a tornado was coming by the way the wind was blowing. (Not that I've ever been in a tornado, but at least it's what I imagine it to be anyways.)

We started for home and decided we should run to try to out run the rain that was surely coming with this weather. As soon as we made it to the main road I realized we should have left sooner. It was so hard to see with all of the dust blowing around. It's also disconcerting to see other people literally running for cover--especially adults.

We took off towards home. It was sprinkling a tiny bit, but mostly it was wind. I had my hand over my eyes with the tiniest of crack so that I could see at least two foot in front of me and not kill myself.

There were things being blown all over the place.

Remember this picture? See how the tin is standing on the side of the road? It is kind of protecting the road construction or something. Anyways near where we were walking it was falling over on the road and blowing around. As you can imagine this tin is very dangerous. And you could be seriously injured if it hit you, from its size and from the sharpness of it.

When we realized that it was falling we took off running to try to get past it. Part of it almost hit us but we ran into a little side chute till it fell and then kept running. Thankfully no one was hurt at that time.

It was still really windy, but we were able to catch a little breather going up hill.

One of Sheryl's favorite produce places was coming up and the older lady that runs it was trying to gather all of her vegetables. (You can see how this storm snuck up on everyone.) We ran over and helped her gather her things to safety and started up the hill again.

Next we heard the windows 3 stories above us start clapping together and slamming shut. We both took off running again, imagining the glass falling any second. (The next morning we saw the ground showered with glass.)

Thankfully we arrived home in one piece. Safety is truly of the Lord. We probably weighed about 5lbs more just with all the dirt we came home with, but I was thankful for another good story to tell and to be indoors in the safety of our home.


  1. Dear Jamie:
    Praise the Lord that you were kept safe!
    I also wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and was so excited when I got ahold of your blog address! I can't wait until your newsletter/physical address comes out, either! :)
    Tell the rest of your family "Hi" for me, won't you? Thanks!
    Love in Christ,
    Naomi From WRBC

    1. HI Naomi, We sent out our newsletter with our physical address out a few weeks ago. If you would like I can put you on our email list to receive them yourself, or you can ask to see it probably at the church office! Thanks for reading!!!

  2. I've been enjoying your blog, Jamie. The pictures are wonderful to see, too. Thanks for sharing about your experiences!
    Kristy (Montgomery) Heisey

  3. Jamie, I have been in tornadoes and I'm just praising The Lord that you didn't have your children with you.

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