Friday, March 28, 2014

Burger King

After, actually during, our bike riding adventure we stopped for lunch. I knew I should just order some of the national food. But then I saw a sign for a Nepal version of Burger King. It can't be that bad right? The pictures are the same. Surely it will be decent food.

Luke ordered a cheese burger and I ordered a club sandwich. Surely it has to slightly resemble the pictures in the menu right?

Luke got a cheese burger alright--a CHEESE burger. It was weird.
Looks kind of normal from this picture but really it was a ton of vegetables which wasn't bad but the "burger" part was carrots covered in this strange cheese I guess and then fried into a pattie. It wasn't gross just not what you were expecting.

My sandwich however was way worse. It was white bread toasted--the best part. But there was no meat. And it was basically lots of mayonnaise and chopped onion. I forgot to take a picture of it. I don't recommend it.

Next time I will stick with the Nepali set.

This is delicious. The soup on the far left is kind of like lentils, then you have a vegetable soup, then the meat, which is usually more broth than actual meat then some other sauces. You dump it all over the rice and enjoy!

Or I will have MoMo's with achar sauce (spicy)

You can't go wrong with food the people make every day and love themselves. 


  1. "Carrots covered in cheese"..interesting lol!
    Thank you for all the updates of what you guys are experiencing over there ;)