Monday, March 31, 2014

What's the world coming to when your laundry isn't safe!

We thankfully have a washing machine. But we do have to hang our laundry out on the clothesline. The other day I hung it in the afternoon and left it out over night on accident.

The next morning I was in the kitchen and looked out the window for a minute and saw some kids with a white cloth, it was odd so I kept watching. It was then that I realized the kids were climbing our fence and taking our laundry!

I ran outside and the kid threw back one of the items, but the other they hid from me. I could tell they had something, but I am not quite sure what it was. I didn't notice anything in particular gone, so hopefully it wasn't anything important.

Very strange indeed!


  1. Oh dear! Whatever you do, don't hang Luke's jeans out there. Lol

    1. I know. I will keep them as far away from the fence as I can. The problem is we have to tie our clothesline to the fence to hang it up. So we will have to be more careful.