Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Hey you are looking Fat"

When we look at a family picture of someone else's family we say things like, "Awe, they are so cute." or "What a nice family."

The other day we were showing a Tibetan lady some pictures of our family. She kept pointing at everyone and said, "Awe, they are so fat." "Wow look how fat he is."

Here it is polite to call someone fat. On the inside I was dying laughing,but I just said, "Thank you." To the Tibetan and Nepali people it is just like saying, "Oh you look so healthy."

I doubt I will get any compliments on losing 5lbs, nor will Luke on his 20! As that would be an insult to point out!


  1. lol they may be onto something! I would get complimented a lot!

  2. That's hilarious! Do you respond to other people in the same way? Or is it awkward for you to call someone fat? Haha.