Sunday, April 27, 2014

Check out the amazing detail work the Nepali people do.

I am amazed when I look around at the way buildings are constructed here. I've shared with you how everything is done by hand here. From digging the foundations to mixing cement and using an assembly line to get it where you are going.

But you look at a finished project and to think they did that by hand it is amazing. The people here are very diligent and they are hard workers.

One of the things my dad taught me when looking to buy a used car was in the details. He said "Look at the cup holders and see if there is crud in the cracks. Chances are if they don't take time to clean that out, they probably didn't take good care of the engine."

Now I can't say that I am a building engineer or anything and would even have any idea if a building would withstand trauma; but I can say that the people pay close attention to detail.

Check out some of these pictures. All of these designs were made from concrete. It's amazing.

At first I thought this was wood from trees. But upon closer inspection I found out that it is all concrete.

You would think that this "moulding" would be pre-made and you would pick it up at your local Home depot and attach it to the wall, but this was all done when they made the building and it is complete carving in concrete.

This door is wooden, but still check out the detail work.

Notice the side awnings and those triangles that are carved out. 

This is a zoomed in picture of the top of the pillar. This is all concrete.

That is all concrete.

And this last one. Those little spots at the top of the fence are actually nails turned pointy side up so that no one can jump over the fence. This is quite common. I've also seen broken glass pieces stuck in the top of the fence too.