Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess how many locks we have in our house?

Our house has an insane amount of locks in it. But I've found that most houses do. 

This is the front door that leads into our foyer.

This is the front door that leads into our living room.

This is our back door.

In front of the foyer door and our back door are screen doors with 2 locks apiece for those as well.
We also have a maybe 8-10 foot fence around the yard with a big iron gate that is always locked, and two dogs that are guard dogs. This is nothing out of the ordinary for Nepal, almost all houses are like this.

So on our doors we have 23 locks!!


  1. Why is there a need for so many locks and the extra security?

    1. I do know being Americans we are targeted for thievery. that is usually why people have dogs and fences. As for all the locks, I have no idea. I guess if they break through the fence and dogs it will be the next barrier.