Sunday, April 6, 2014

Going Postal? Our first care package has arrived.

So a few weeks ago a family member emailed us and said they would like to send us a care package, and asked what we would like that we couldn't just buy in Nepal. I mentioned hand towels for the bathroom and the kitchen, marshmallows, and a small yeast thermometer.

The package arrived within 2 weeks which was shocking to us. Nepal has upgraded and now we can check to see if we have packages online before we make the trip out there.

Last Monday we planned to go to the post office, loaded up the family and had a great time. We got to the post office and found out that half of it was closed due to a holiday. So we weren't able to pick up our package, but at least we were able to send a few. We found out that it's fairly cheap to mail a package from here to the U.S.A. We were excited and sent some things to our family members for the upcoming birthdays!

A few days later when the P.O was definitely going to be open, Luke and I went to try again.

The is the view of the front of the Post Office.

This is the back entrance where you go to check your PO box or to pick up packages.

We found out that its easier to get in the country as a human being on an airplane than it is to pick up a package.

First we went to this room where they asked us for a photocopy of our I.D. Luke only had his Driver's license from America, but they said that was OK. We had to go back out of the PO and cross the street to make a photocopy. When we came back, the man looked at the copy for one second and asked Luke if that was him. When Luke said "yes", the man said OK without even looking at the photocopy again. He then told us to go next to room 30, we were in room 29.

This is room 29

This is room 30. Here we were given a form to fill out and charged NPR 25.

Next we went to Room 31 where we got a signature.

We then had to go back to Room 29 and wait for a few minutes for them to bring the package. They brought out the package, and per our request when we opened it there were chocolates on top which we offered to the custom officers. It made them happy. This was to help get us a good quote for the custom fee. 

We then had to leave the package and go back to room 30 where we waited for them to tally up our fee, which is basically whatever they feel like charging. They charged us NPR 409. 

We were able to then go back to room 29 to pick up our package and charged NPR 55. 

Before you think we were charged almost $500 for our package NPR 500 is about $5.00!

We were amazed at the size of the package! We thought we were getting a care package, but really we got a CARE PACKAGE!

YUMMMMM, girl scout cookies!! 

Yay for marshmallows!

Thank you Aunt Janet and Uncle Dave for thinking of us!!!


  1. So how much did it cost for them to send it to you?

    1. IT was an 11lb box and it cost $77. I'm guessing a 2 or 3 lb envelope would be a lot less. I know you can send a letter for $1 (4 sheets of paper or a card).

  2. We should never complain about our PO ever again.

  3. Reminds me of getting a package in Costa Rica!! The joys of a third world country.