Monday, April 14, 2014

We have become Construction Workers

In Kathmandu we have some missionary friends who have an orphanage. They are in the process of building a church building now. So our church fellowship wanted to be a blessing to them and have a work day to help them out. I kind of thought we would be sweeping and painting. Little did I know they are still laying the foundation for the building.

They don't have cranes, forklifts, and backhoes here so everything is done manually.
The first thing they needed done was to move a bunch of sand.

You have the shovellers and the carriers.  

Bro. Tamong told me the taller people make better shovellers because they can reach to fill the basket.

I was very thankful for this, as I wasn't looking forward to having dirt dumped down my back. Haha.

This hole is about 8 foot deep I think, maybe more. But it was all dug out by a man and his shovel!

Here is Luke carrying some dirt. Be warned it is very graphic! He almost died!

Once we moved the sand out of the way we were able to mix up some concrete using sand, rocks, and cement mix, and of course water.

The place where the cement was made and where is needed to go were about 20-30 feet apart. So we made an assembly line and passed these bowls down to the the hole where they needed to go, and then had a line to pass them back to the cement place to be refilled.

We worked for about 4 hours and had a lot of fun.

There was a natural spring located at the place and then it was sent through this filter, which we learned to make at BBTI (

I drank from it and did not get sick!

Although I am not in most of the pictures, I promise I was working too! It's just that someone had to take the pictures!!


  1. I never realized that being missionaries was so much more than teaching others abouts God. I am amazed at allow your experiences. God bless you all.
    In Christ, Louise

  2. Looks like hard work but fun. I am relieved that Luke did not die. I did laugh out loud when I saw it. :-)

    1. It was hilariously scary. Especially watching the video after.

  3. i am very glad to see it, i miss that day. i have an experience too.