Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Power Schedule--we have 14 extra hours of electricity each week.

I've already shared with you about our limited electricity in Nepal. A little through this blog, and quite a bit to several people who have asked questions.

We have a schedule for the electricity--when it is on, when it is off. We used to have 84 hours of electricity a week. Now we just received a new schedule and we now have 98 hours. We are moving up in the world!

Here is our schedule of when we do have power.

Sunday 9am-1pm

Comes on at 6pm stays till Monday morning at 11am---this is our longest length of electricity. My favorite day of the week. It used to turn off at 10am, so one hour longer now!


Tuesday 3pm-7pm

Wednesday 2pm-6pm

Thursday 1pm-4pm comes on again at 9pm.

Friday 11am-3pm comes on again at 7:30pm

Saturday 10am-2pm comes on again at 7:00pm

Many people have asked about my refrigerator.
Our refrigerator does not run on battery. Up until recently it was cool out so we didn't have any problems with things thawing out or going bad because it got too warm. Now that it is in the low 80's in our house in the middle of the day we need to be more careful with how many times it is opened. So far it hasn't been a problem. Especially, with meat I may need to start buying it as needed instead of a week at a time, that way it doesn't go bad on me. That would be my biggest concern.

We have been making ice when the power is on so that we can have cool drinks. The water is kind of Culligan style with the 5 gallon jug. So it is just room temperature. It's just now getting to the point where it's not fun to drink warm water. So we try to keep ice for our water around.

We have at least one light for each room that runs on battery so that we don't notice too much when the power is off. Recently we got an electrician to put one plug in each room on the battery so that we can charge our computers and run fans at night time. Now we only have one fan for our room, but as it gets warmer we plan to get two more fans for the kids room. Hopefully our battery will be able to hold 3 fans at night and one light. If not we may need to get one more battery....but time will tell.

It really isn't that hard, you get used to it and learn to work around it.

The most difficult is washing clothes--obviously you can only do that when the power is on. Now that it is getting warmer you don't really want to wash the clothes at night and let them sit in the washer for hours until day light because they start to smell. But that isn't too big of a problem yet, I just forsee it.


  1. Makes me appreciate living in the US. Learning from you makes me ashamed when I complain about things. I am learning to be grateful for all and to not sweat the little things. Prayers for you.

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and prayers. Yes, I feel ashamed for how ungrateful I was when in America too. You just don't quite understand until you've been here. Changes your worldview.