Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In Nepal the traditional toilet is not like ours back home--now I know why they call ours "thrones".

This is what people are used to here...a squatty potty.

You stand over top of the opening and put your feet on the ridged foot pads so you don't slip and fall!

I still have not had to use one of these, but it's not because European toilets are more common, it's because I don't drink much when I'm out and about. If you put dehydration and using these toilets on a scale...you can see which one would win out.

Although I have found a trick. If you can drink 2 liters of water 2 hours before you leave you can use your own facilities before leaving, and not need any water for quite some time---hopefully till you return home.

The most noticeable thing about these toilets is the smell. You can literally smell them from a mile a way and you can use your nose to find them if you find yourself needing to use it.

Usually restaurants that cater to foreigners will have a normal looking toilet...but they don't always have toilet paper--actually mostly they don't.

But they do have this...

Yes, I'm still not quite sure how you would use this without looking like a wet dog after, but you do what you have to do I suppose!

So usually when you pack your bag before leaving somewhere you always BYOTP!

If a place does have it's own TP for you to use, always make sure it is near the toilet. A lot of times it's way over by the door, and that kind of defeats the purpose!

Yes, getting used to a new culture can be challenging at times, but so far nothing we can't handle with a little foresight!

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  1. Loved your post! Having made about a dozen trips to India and SE Asia in the past, I occasionally had to deal with squatty potties myself, so I can totally relate to not wanting to ever use one! However, they're not as bad as I always kept imagining they would be, even after I'd used them a few times. In fact, I got to the point where if I had the option of using a dirty, public 'throne' or a dirty, public squatty potty, I preferred the squatty potty - at least you didn't have to touch it! Often there were even footprints on the western toilets from the nationals who didn't know how to use them! (Just remember to face the wall - don't turn around when you go into the stall.)

    Also, I heard (though I don't know that I ever actually noticed this) that it is common for a 'hand' towel to be hung in the bathroom of someone's home. How are you supposed to use the sprayer without looking like a wet dog?? Well, let's just say that I'll let my hands air-dry...

    And yes, by all means, BYOTP!!!