Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monsoon Season

So we are in the middle of monsoon season. We are told this is a drier monsoon than normal. As far as what repercussions that will have on the rest of the year, I am not totally sure. I'll make another blogpost about this later.

So in Monsoon we all have rain gear--boots, rain jackets, and umbrellas. The kids love it. Actually I love it too--the rain really cools things off. 

If it pours it usually rains for an hour or so. If it is a light rain it will rain probably all day. 
If it is not a thunderstorm we let the kids go out and play in the rain with their rain gear, which usually doesn't help much because they come inside later soak and wet. But they have fun.

I don't think it was raining in this picture of Abby and Jason. Here people use umbrellas when it is hot and sunny, and Abby likes to do that as well.

Not all roads here are paved and nice. In fact most of them aren't. These are pictures taken from a vehicle as we drove down the road. 

Yes, we just drive straight through. I've only seen vehicles get stuck occasionally, which is very surprising.

The rain causes the dirt to wash away leaving the foundation of the road --just rocks--and it makes it very bumpy. 

These next few pictures were taken as we drove out of the city with our friends and to their new church plant--Berea Baptist Church!

We are very glad they have 4-wheel drive.

I took a lot more pictures of this trip, but because the roads were so bumpy and muddy, most pictures came out too blurry!

These were taken on a trip to our local Post Office.

We had to drive on the opposite side of the road to avoid some of these, had it been a busier day we would have driven straight through!

There is one road that leads to our house that we avoid if at all possible right now because it so messed up with the rain and bumpiness--it's downright painful...lol. And just because it's messed up doesn't mean the taxi drivers drive much slower. So hurdling over these bumps is not too fun.

All in all I think Monsoon has been one of my favorite seasons because of how nice the weather is temperature wise! I just love rain!

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